TTTP helps a horse sanctuary – by telling owner’s incredible true life story

Sara’s incredibly story appears in the Daily Mail today

We love doing stories that help a good cause, and our story  today in the Daily Mail does just that!

Sara Ross was once the personal assistant to a life peer in the House of Lords – rubbing shoulders with politicians, shopping for designer clothes and dining in the finest restaurants. But 15 years on she has found herself living in a freezing cold shed, having sold her home and many of her personal possessions to fund a cause very close to her heart.

Sara, 50, is the founder of The Horse Refuge, a sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals that she set up in 1994. But in the last few years the refuge has fallen into financial difficulties as the costs of looking after over 100 vulnerable animals – from horses to dogs, cats and birds – greatly outweighs the number of donations received.

In October this year Sara and her husband Alan found themselves evicted from the farm they were renting. With just hours to spare before the slaughter men arrived to kill her beloved horses, the couple managed to find somewhere to house the animals. But with nowhere for them to stay themselves, they resorted to sleeping in draughty outhouse on the farm. Sara is suffering from painful frostbite on her fingers and toes and now faces the bleak prospect of spending Christmas in the shed unless a generous donor comes forward.

At Talk to the Press, we were incredibly touched by Sara’s ‘riches to rags’ tale and, in an example of how we can help generate much needed publicity for a good cause, we secured her a newspaper deal. Today her story appears in the Daily Mail, with a link to The Horse Refuge website so readers can donate to her appeal if they wish to.

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